SkinHaven ContourSpin: 3-in-1 Body Sculpting & Smoothing System

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Seeking a sleeker, more sculpted silhouette?

The SkinHaven ContourSpin ushers in a new era of at-home body sculpting, perfect for postpartum moms, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone yearning for a body-confidence boost. Its dynamic 3-in-1 action not only sculpts but also caresses your skin from abdomen to arms with six ultra-soft pads, amplifying the effects of your favorite lotions and oils.

✔︎ Reduces cellulite
✔︎ Sculpts and defines effortlessly
✔︎ Softens and smooths skin
✔︎ Enhances lotion and oil benefits

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Facing body changes and stubborn fat can shake confidence. Enter SkinHaven ContourSpin: your personal tool for targeted sculpting and smoothing, crafted to boost body image and uplift your spirit with every soothing session.

Shape Up from Head to Toe

The SkinHaven ContourSpin is your round-the-clock body sculpting expert, equipped with a comprehensive approach to tackle and tone every inch. From stubborn abdominal fat to unwelcome love handles, this sculpting wizard gently spins, providing a non-invasive solution to redefine and enhance your natural contours. It’s the power of a full-body workout condensed into moments of luxurious self-care.

Ultimate Relaxation

With six interchangeable, skin-friendly pads, the SkinHaven ContourSpin promises an exceptionally soft and comfortable experience. These pads, designed for delicate skin, ensure a soothing touch with each use. Whether it's unwinding after a long day or pampering yourself on a lazy Sunday, the gentle rotational movement eases muscle tension and melts away stress. It’s your personal masseuse, delivering comfort and care, leaving you and your skin revitalized.

Effortless Rituals

In just 15 minutes per area, a few times a week, the SkinHaven ContourSpin weaves itself into your life with ease. Its straightforward application turns body sculpting into a simple addition to your routine, not an overhaul. This device offers the practicality and convenience you need to maintain consistent care, ensuring lasting results and a body that feels as good as it looks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Love this

I have been working out regularly and eating, very healthy, but still had a small amount of stubborn fat rub my belly. Definitely helped make all the difference.

Marian Campbell
Visible results

I have always had unsightly stretch marks on my thighs. I always feel inferior about it. When I found this product I was delighted because it doesn't only remove stretch marks but also skin blemishes. I have been using this product since NOV 20, 2022 and I have noticed a remarkable difference in my appearance. My skin is smoother, my stretch marks are fading away. I can't believe how great it is!

Valerie Odling
absolutely adore this product

provides such a soothing sensation on tired legs, relieving any fatigue or discomfort. Surprisingly, it also works wonders on the stomach area, leaving me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Minfei Qian
A very good product

My kids and I used it for massaging our legs after the long skiing or snowboarding days. It is really helpful for us to relax legs and knees. The strong vibration, together with eccentric wheel, providing powerful massage force and larger massage area. A very nice product for us. I highly recommended to my friends.

Liz R.

I've been using this machine for over 3 months and I'm absolutely in love with my results! I've been able to lose some stubborn fat and lost 4 inches around my waist. I even ended up buying one for my mom as a gift.

Elliott Bakerjcj
Easy to Use

I bought this product to see if it would help reduce cellulite. I haven't used it very often to see if it works, but it has a very pleasant feeling to it. Its message is gentle. My daughter has gotten used to using it a lot. She's too sensitive to use a massage gun, so it works really well for her.


I bought this after seeing the advertisement about it helping slim & tone up problem areas on your body. I wanted it to target my lower belly! I've used a hand full of times on my belly & yes it feels great! But I can't say that it has or hasn't help with my belly problems! I also use on my husbands feet because he has bad aching feet after work every day. He says it helps tremendously!!! & feels amazing on his feet!


I received my product in 1 day thus the reason for 4 stars started using today and will update in about 3 weeks because it will take time to see results I have a little fat pouch on my lower abdomen also some cellulite on my inner thighs that I have been trying to get rid of so will see if I can see a difference using this product the massaging itself feels good so even for that I like it keeping my fingers cross and hoping for good results


The massaging body sculpture is nice with flaws. It can become heavy to use if longer than 10 minutes. I have seen some results after 2 months of daily use but expected to see more. It's too pricey for the results I received or the lack there of.

Picture Misleading

It's too early to say if it is working but it is a good massage.It can be a little tricky to hold depending on the intensity level selected. Arms are a bit more awkward to get a good position to hold it without my hand cramping.


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