IPL Hair Removal Ice-Cooling Technology

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Experience the Magic of Painless Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation

Say goodbye 👋 to traditional hair removal methods and endless trips to the salon. Enter the world of SkinHaven - where cutting-edge innovation meets the comfort of your own home 🏠. Imagine a hair-free life that rejuvenates your skin. With SkinHaven's 3-In-1 IPL Hair Removal Device, this dream becomes your reality ✨.
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What if we told you that our device uses an advanced form of IPL technology that functions like a time machine for your skin? By attacking the melanin in your hair follicles like a silent ninja, it puts the hair follicle into a dormant state - thereby preventing hair regrowth permanently.

No more waxing, no more shaving, no more plucking - just smooth, hair-free skin. But what makes our device truly stand out?

Painless, Permanent Hair Removal by SkinHaven

Imagine a world where you can achieve pain-free hair removal, something akin to an ice cube gently gliding across your skin, soothing and relieving. Our device features a state-of-the-art ice-cooling system that doesn't just promise this world but delivers it.

This system cools your skin while the device emits pulsed light, ensuring not only a painless hair removal experience but also reducing the risk of burns. Does it get better? Yes, it does.

SkinHaven: Revolutionizing At-Home IPL

The 3-In-1 IPL Hair Removal Device isn't just about hair removal. Think of it as your personal, at-home spa treatment.

The device has 3 advanced functions "HR", "SC", and "RA" that not only remove hair but also smooth and refine your skin. Imagine glowing skin that's as smooth as silk and as radiant as the first light of dawn. And all this with just one device, right at your fingertips.

Smooth Skin for Life with SkinHaven

With an incredible life cycle of 999,999+ flashes, our device is a family investment. Do you want to save time and money spent on salon appointments? This device is your answer. Not only does it offer superior convenience, but it also comes with a lifetime of excellent customer service.

Choose SkinHaven's 3-In-1 IPL Hair Removal Device today. You are not just choosing a product; you are choosing a future where you are free from unwanted hair and rewarded with skin that’s radiant and refined.

Customer Reviews

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Good product

Daniel M

Works, best to use patience. Wife and daughter both use it when they are sitting watching TV, and make slow passes. Hair does seem to be getting smaller/thinner and thinner each week. Very surprised and I'm glad I made this purchase for them.

Katieann R. Veselka

This is a FANTASTIC product! I've used other brands in the past, but NOTHING has worked as well as my Yachyee hair removal laser! I highly recommend this product as it is easy to operate, maneuver, and hold and comfortable around my hand...plus, Yachyee Laser Hair Removal WORKS WONDERS!!!


I’m starting to see results only been using for 3 weeks . Works like it said it would. Can’t wait to not have to wax my face.

diane coleman

This product does exactly what it promises! I was skeptical at first but so glad I went through with the purchase. My hair growth has stopped completely in most areas. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is trying to get rid of unwanted hair.


Be consistent and patient. It comes with everything you need. It's a nice price and simple to use. Excellent customer service I don't think there is any better they are awesome.

Kendra Schraml

I've been using it for about a month now and I can see the results. This is my first time using a laser hair removal and this has met my needs.


I really wanted to give it a few months before I wrote a review so I could write it accurately and true! I have pretty light skin for a Mexican and DARK THICK hair! I’m not going lie, I wasn’t really expecting to see great results but I was proven wrong! I recommend this to all of my friends and I do explain it works only if you have dark hair. I used to have to shave almost daily, twice a week during winter lol. My hair grows so fast and is very noticeable, but I’m down to shaving my legs maybe once a month just for the VERY fine hair that is still in cycle. It really only took a month and a half for me to start seeing for sure results. It is time consuming, I watch tv while I do it and it will take an hour or two to do my whole body. I will admit that my more intimate areas and my armpits are REALLY thick so it’s not totally bare yet, but there’s SO much of a difference it’s shocking! I haven’t had any problems with the device, the razor container was in my box, but the razor wasn’t included which is ok lol I had plenty of my regular razors. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, WAYYY cheaper than waxing and less painful!! I started out using 2-3 times a week and after 4 months I do my legs once a month (when I shave just to keep up), and my intimate area and armpits once a week. Started on a lower intensity and worked my way up! Hope this helps!

A Khan

Bought this for my mother and she loves this machine. Very easy to use. The cooling feature is an added bonus!


Wish you could turn off the loud beeping. But with consistency, this item actually works for what it says it does.


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