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Boldly step into the sunny season with a fresh, vibrant look! Our Gold Under Eye Patches are infused with gold, caffeine, and collagen to instantly reduce puffiness, smooth fine lines, and brighten dark circles.

Perfect for those warm days ahead, these luxurious patches hydrate for a youthful glow, ensuring you step out with confidence.

Whether you're treating yourself or prepping for a special outing, awaken your gaze and embrace the beauty of sunny days with eyes that shine!

Snap up this limited-time offer now and feel as radiant as the sun!

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We understand the woes of waking up with puffy, shadowed eyes that tell tales of busy days and restless nights. Enriched with the power of gold and collagen, these patches are designed to refresh, firm, and illuminate your under-eye area, ensuring you face each day bright-eyed and revitalized.

Revitalize with Natural Potency

Each Gold Under Eye Patch is a treasure trove of natural extracts and peptides, concentrated to awaken and refresh your under-eye skin. This luxurious formula addresses the primary concern of tired-looking eyes, providing essential nutrients that help restore elasticity and vibrance. Dive into your day with skin that looks as rejuvenated and energetic as you feel.

Combat Aging with Gold Infusion

Age is but a number, especially with our Gold Under Eye Patches Haven, boasting of caffeine, hyaluronic acid, and collagen. Together, they fade the signs of time, softening wrinkles and fine lines to reveal a youthful glow. These patches are your ally against the ticking clock, smoothing the years away to unveil a firmer, brighter under-eye area.

See the Difference with Every Use

The Gold Under Eye Patches Haven deliver results when you need them most. Crafted for fast absorption and ease of use, they're the perfect addition to a busy lifestyle. Witness the magic as puffiness subsides, bags vanish, and every glance in the mirror reflects the bright, radiant eyes of someone who's ready to take on the world.

Customer Reviews

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Slim Waist
No more black or puffy eyes

Love this product! My husband and I use every night and what a difference. Puffiness has gone down and the black under my eyes have diminished drastically. The patches are in a little black container in liquid so it's very wet and can be messy. They do slide down the face if walking around with them on at first but gets better as it drys into your skin.

I LOVE these! Great packaging, no smell, stays on well

These are EXCELLENT. No bad smells (very light smell if you literally sniff them but no smell at all while on your face). The packaging is secure and thoughtful, with a month's supply stacked nicely in the container, protected from spillage or debris, and a little tool to lift out each patch for use. The patches are thin and comfortable, nice and "juicy" feeling, and stay on REALLY well - I am wearing them while I type this and just sitting up in my chair - usually I feel like I have to lie down to use similar products because they slide around on my face. These are gentle and refreshing to use, and I really like them. Plus, the gold is cute!

Refreshing eye mask!

These eye masks are perfect for refreshing parched, tired skin in the middle of the day or use as a relaxing eye mask at bedtime. The ingredients reinforce a moisturized, youthful eye area by hydrating and plumping. These eye masks are packed in a jar of serum and a lifting spoon is included to separate and lift each mask. These masks are on the thin side, so it’s necessary to lightly press in place to insure they will stay put for 20 minutes. These masks have a lovely cooling effect that feels refreshing to my eyes. I’m very impressed with the formulation and how they help to hydrate and refresh my tired eyes.

It smoothes crow’s feet

I like how these patches smooth the skin around my eyes… I like how that the jar has a double lid so to keep it tightly closed and prevent patches from drying.. and the special spoon to grab it conveniently.

La’ruben Dixon
They really work

I mean I definitely brought them because I have bags under my eyes but also like they’re gold lol why wouldn’t I get them I’m sooo in love with the results and the look duhhh

TL Brady
Best of all I’ve tried, which is A LOT

I have been on the hunt for the BEST skincare products for years. I am settling in on a few. I’ve tried 5 or so products like these. This one is BY FAR the most effective. It feels good. Immediate results last a few hours. I’ve been using every other day for about two weeks. I have always had dark circles, even as a child. This is helping!! I use them backwards to get the dark in the corner. Nothing stings, and I make sure not to get to close to my tear duct. The fine lines go away for a nice fresh look for under makeup. I just subscribed and also just got a 50% lightening deal! I feel lucky! Also, started using them on my upper lip line. Plumps and helps that too! I didn’t know for sure if the others actually worked. These definitely do, and they feel great. Like a mini spa treatment at home.
I’m using the gold.

Kourtney Cunningham
Amazing product!!!

I love these patches!! I have been using them every morning and have seen a dramatic difference in my eye puffiness!! I can’t recommend them enough!!

I don't review, but when I do…

Really enjoying these under eyes patches. Tried them on for the first time this morning after not va sleeping well, and it really helped with the inflammation and bags.

Lariza L

These eye patch masks are very soothing and cooling. I enjoy self-care and these are the perfect addition to my routine.


These are nice but haven't seen any improvement yet but I definitely like using them


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